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Shine or No Shine Paint?

Do I Choose Paint With Shine Or No Shine For My Home?

Most homeowners that are considering getting a new paint job for the interiors of their home have one common question, among others- “Should I opt for paints with or without shine for my home?” Here are some aspects to keep in view while making this decision:

 1. Personal Preferences

The fact is there is no fixed answer to this question. You need to consider your family’s opinions and preferences before deciding what would work best in your home. Personal preferences have a lot to do with the paints you would ultimately choose for various rooms in your house.

  1. Ceiling Or Wall Construction Type

If there are waves or flaws in the ceilings and walls or many areas with peeling paint or patches that will show through the paint, consider flat paint without any shine. The former will help to mask all these imperfections, while any shine in the paint will highlight them.

  1. Washability

This is another aspect to keep in view. If you have young children or pets in the house that might smudge the walls in your home with their dirty hands or paws, you need a good quality washable paint.  Although some Flat paints are lightly washable, Eggshell might be a better option.

Flat paints help to mask imperfections in the surfaces beautifully, but they don’t work well to hide fingerprints, and they aren’t washable. However, the touch-up of these paints is more straightforward, unlike semi-gloss paints that show the brush strokes very easily when you touch them up.

Paint Options You Can Choose From

  • Flat paint has no shine/minimal shine.
  • Eggshell or Satin are generally low-Shine paints
  • Semi-gloss paint has more shine compared to Satin or Eggshell.
  • Gloss paint has the most shine.

Paint Recommendations for Various Areas

  • For walls in common areas such as living room, family room, hallways, and dining room, opt for flat paint. This finish suits bedroom areas too.
  • Eggshell, Gloss or Semi-Gloss works well for bathrooms.
  • For the doors, baseboards, door frames, and moldings opt for Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss paint.
  • For ceilings, you can consider anything from smooth, flat to knockdown textures. If you prefer Gloss or Semi-Gloss for ceilings, that’s what you should select.

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